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Bespoke Big Data Solution & Services

Being a data-driven company is the call of the hour in today’s times. However, it is easier said than done because “big data” has huge volumes. Consequently, it sometimes becomes difficult to extract critical information out of such oceanic volumes of data and make truly informed decisions.

Nowadays the businesses have an easy access to data with the exponential growth of emerging digital Big Data Offering technologies. This poses a challenge to manage the burgeoning volume of data every day. However, our Big Data solutions and services help you handle the data well despite the size as well as allow you to re-imagine your business through our focused research.

Our Solutions

Data Collection

Among small to large business enterprises, Big data collection holds extreme significance as this process enhances business intelligence while marketing strategies are optimized. You can choose your data collection strategy depending upon the types of technologies you’re using.


Data Processing

This technique used by Octal is helpful in analyzing big data sets at even petabyte scale. Off-line batch data processing is usually full power & full scale, tackling arbitrary BI use cases, whereas real-time stream processing is executed on the most current slice of data for data profiling to pick outliers etc.

Data Analysis

This analysis is completed with the software tools commonly used as part of advanced analytics disciplines such as predictive analytics, data mining, text analytics and statistical analysis. Technologies like Hadoop and related tools such as YARN, MapReduce, Spark, Hive and Pig as well as NoSQL databases are used by our experts.


Data Execution

Our experts use a variety of frameworks suiting your business needs and there are a new series of execution frameworks added to the Hadoop ecosystem like Spark, Tez, Flink, Storm and Samza. Thus, we choose the best execution framework for the problems you need to solve.


What is Big Data?

Before delving deep into the importance of Big Data let us tell you what exactly is Big Data. It is a term that is used to describe the availability of structured and unstructured data in massive volumes. This term is used to refer to the volume of data, but it can also refer to the technology i.e. the tools and processes that an organization requires to handle such oceanic data volumes and their storage facilities. Big Data spans three dimensions: Volume, Velocity and Variety.

Importance of Big Data

Big Data is extremely valuable for organizations in today’s times. Some of its major benefits are:
  • It enables to quickly uncover the causes behind any issue, defects or failure.
  • It helps to create coupons instantly at the point of sale based on the customer's purchasing habits.
  • It also helps to rapidly recalculate an entire risk portfolio.
  • It helps to identify any fraudulent or malicious cyberactivity that is detrimental in the long-run.
  • With the help of Big-Data you can inform your entire data and analytics strategy.

Businesses know that Big Data infrastructure will help them make better decisions. When Big Data is properly analyzed, organizations have a clear understanding of their business that will eventually result in lower costs, increased sales, better customer service and improved efficiency.

How can we help you?

We at Pear System provide big data solutions to our customers to solve their business-related problems. We have a systematic approach to your data-related issues. Take a look:

Strategy: We help you create the strategy and a detailed roadmap that will improve your business in the long-run.

Design: We help you define the detailed business, data and systems requirements to produce the implementation “blueprint” having detailed architecture and system design specifications.

Implementation: We convert your designs into reality. We create fully tested software products that facilitate user training for the initial deployment.

Maintain: We provide system administration, ongoing operations, tuning and help desk support for better Big data solutions.

So, let us help you solve your Big-Data problems. We are a well-known big data solution company with varied clientele from across sectors. Connect with our team of experts who will help you achieve this. For more details visit our website.

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