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Blockchain Development

Blockchain development refers to the process of designing and creating decentralized digital ledgers known as blockchains. A blockchain is a distributed database that securely records and stores transactions or data across multiple computers or nodes. It operates on a consensus mechanism, where each participant agrees on the validity of the data through cryptographic algorithms.

Blockchain development involves various aspects, including creating smart contracts, designing consensus protocols, implementing security measures, and building decentralized applications (DApps). It requires expertise in programming languages such as Solidity, proficiency in blockchain platforms like Ethereum, and an understanding of cryptography and decentralized systems. Blockchain development enables transparent, immutable, and tamper-proof record-keeping, offering a wide range of applications in finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and more.


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Custom Blockchain Software Development

Custom blockchain software development refers to the creation of tailored blockchain solutions that meet specific business requirements. It involves designing, developing, and deploying blockchain networks with customized features, functionalities, and protocols. Custom blockchain software development enables organizations to build decentralized applications, implement unique consensus mechanisms, and address specific industry needs, providing enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency in data management and transaction processing.

Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Blockchain technology consulting is the process of helping businesses understand and adopt blockchain technology. Consultants can help businesses assess their needs, identify potential use cases, and develop and implement blockchain solutions.

Metaverse development

Metaverse development is the process of creating and maintaining virtual worlds that are accessible through the internet. It involves a wide range of technologies, including 3D graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Metaverse developers use their skills to create immersive and interactive experiences that allow users to interact with each other and with virtual objects.

dApps Development

In dApps development, we create decentralized applications that run on a blockchain network. This means that the applications are not controlled by any one entity and are tamper-proof. We use smart contracts to implement the logic of the applications and use blockchain to store data.

NFT marketplace development

NFT marketplace development is the process of creating a platform where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. This involves designing and developing the user interface, integrating with a blockchain network, and implementing security measures.

Blockchain Development Platforms we work on


A decentralized public platform that runs dApps

XDC Network

The open-source, enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain supporting the global trade and finance industry.


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains to build enterprise-grade blockchain apps.


Corda is an open source blockchain platform for businesses.


EOS is a decentralized blockchain, which can process fast and free transactions.


A decentralized platform to develop high-performance blockchain apps.


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT.


An Open-Source Platform for Decentralized Assets and Applications.

Our Blockchain Development Work


Due to under-segmented markets and misallocated resources, mobile advertising via digital media channels fails to deliver on its full potential, while retailers struggle to find meaningful ways to connect with their customers. JCash and the JiojioMe app integrate synergistically to create a sustainable ecosystem where users can go about their usual online social activities like texting, viewing and making recommendations, or uploading pictures.


Emireum has launched the token ERM Coin in Dubai, embarking on a new journey in the dynamic Middle East Market. ERM is a digital asset that goes beyond the functions of cryptocurrencies and provides the user's access to digital asset exchange, international debit card transactions, biometric hardware wallet coupled with login authentication, an e-commerce service platform specialized for merchants, etc. ERM thus is best for multi-platform value exchange. ERM is aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency for the long run. Thus, it is user-friendly and satisfies all the digital resource needs of the users of the crypto world and the end-users need not worry about digital transactions.


Spherium is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that aims to provide innovative financial solutions and services on the blockchain. It seeks to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance by offering a user-friendly and secure platform for individuals and businesses to access various DeFi applications. The project focuses on three core pillars: Spherium Swap, Spherium Lend and Borrow, Sperium Yield Farming

Our Blockchain Application Development Process

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Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consulting is the process of helping businesses understand and implement blockchain technology. It involves identifying potential use cases, assessing feasibility, and developing a plan for implementation./p>

User Experience And Technical Design

The process of UX and technical design typically begins with user research, where UX designers gather information about the needs and want of users. This information is used to create wireframes and prototypes, which are then tested with users to get feedback. Once the UX design is finalized, technical designers take over to create the code and infrastructure that will make the product a reality.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Enterprise blockchain development is the process of creating and deploying a blockchain solution for an enterprise. The process typically involves identifying the business problem that the blockchain solution will solve, designing the solution, and developing and deploying the solution.


Blockchain deployment is the process of making a blockchain network available to users. This involves setting up the network infrastructure, configuring the nodes, and distributing the blockchain data. The specific steps involved in deployment will vary depending on the blockchain platform and the specific needs of the network.


Blockchain maintenance is the process of ensuring that a blockchain network is running smoothly and securely. This includes tasks such as: Monitoring the network for performance issues Updating the software to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities Backing up the data to prevent loss Responding to security threats Blockchain maintenance is an essential part of keeping a blockchain network running smoothly and securely. By following these best practices, you can help to ensure that your blockchain network is always available and protected from attack.

Migration And Upgrades

Migration and upgrades are an important part of blockchain development. They allow developers to improve the security, performance, and functionality of their blockchains. Migrations can be used to move data from one blockchain to another, while upgrades can be used to add new features or fix bugs. There are a number of factors to consider when planning a migration or upgrade, including the type of blockchain, the size of the data, and the complexity of the changes. It is important to carefully plan the migration or upgrade process to minimize disruption to users.

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