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Angular js Web Development

Angular JS is a renowned framework that is maintained by Google to simplify the development & testing processes.


Let us throw some light on Agular JS

Angular JS is a renowned framework that is maintained by Google to simplify the development & testing processes. It is widely used by developers around the world. It is an open-source framework that is meant to address the challenges of web development processes. It eases the integrating HTML codes & application modules in the framework. Further, it also helps the developers in maintaining web infrastructures with the utmost ease.

It is built on the MVC architecture, which is mostly used in designing rich internet applications. The frameworks offer an extension that is in the form of directives and can make the web site highly responsive & dynamic.

Plus, it also follows the basic HTML. Further, it makes the development process of AngularJS an easy process by automatically synchronizing with the models & views. This is achieved by following the DOM methodology that focuses primarily on improvising testability & performance. Hence, we can say that Angular JS has the following main features:

  • Two-way data binding,
  • Templates,
  • MVC structure,
  • Dependency injections,
  • Directives & Testing features

Some benefits of Angular JS are:

  • To improve the structure of the design: It gives the idea of the application and its functionality. Thus, it becomes extremely easy to locate the codes for Angular JS.
  • It helps promote the code re-usability: The developers can re-use the codes or the components of the codes previously written in different other applications as well.
  • It helps in faster application development: It ensures faster application development, testing & maintenance, thereby enhancing the developers' productivity.
  • For better play and plug components: You can copy and paste your existing features in a new application if you wish to do the same.
  • Helps in handling dependencies: Angular JS is famous for handling dependencies. It works well in two areas namely testing & Single Page Application (SPA) design.

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