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Voice over Internet Protocol


VoIP has taken the world of technology by storm. Here we will throw light on VoIP and its various features. So, let’s begin.


What is VoIP?

VoIP is known as Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to the technology that allows people to make voice calls over IP networks in real-time. VoIP is a set of telephony protocols that work through packet switching. It will enable digital voice data to travel across different networks like the internet. With this technology, computer networks function just like traditional networks.Hence, they can be used as a regular landline.

Powering business communication with Internet phone capabilities:

VoIP is not just used by the consumersbut businessesas well. Therefore, it has become the preferred voice call technology of the modern business phone systems and has replacedthe traditional telecoms. Consequently, more and more organizations are slowly recognizing the multiple advantages of placing calls over the internet. This gave rise to different Voice over IP providers competing against regular telecom carriers in the business telephony arena.

Why Pear System is the best VoIP provider?

We at Pear Systemprovide the following services. Take a look:

  • Specially designed VoIPs for businesses:As a VoIP Provider for Business we provide you unlimited phone callingand conference calling facilities, personalized caller IDs, toll-free minutes, and other call features in a single communications platform. You do not have to switch systems if you need more functionalities like texting, faxing, and online meetings.
  • Enhancedflexibility and mobility:You need a business number to call, text, and fax on any mobile device. The incoming calls can be automatically routed to your device of choice.
  • No requirement of hardware:Everything can be installed over the internet, eliminating the need for physical boxes, cables, and other expensive hardware. You can add or delete extensions with just a few clicks.
  • Robust customer support:We are here to guide you throughout the process. You can reach out to us any time for industry-standard technical support, recommendations, and consultations.
  • Comprehensive service plans for phone:You get the most advanced communications platform for a single price. You will not get separate bills for different advanced features. You can get full disclosure of all the costs with your itemized monthly bills. Also,there are no maintenance upgrades to worry about, and hence the costs are kept to a minimum.

With VoIP features, you get more than just a virtual phone service:

Pear System is a complete cloud-based business phone system that helps your organization manage incoming calls through an auto attendant that automatically answers all calls and routes them to the correct department or extension. Hence it is more than just a provider of Voice over IP services. Also, you can customize your answering rules based on the business hours that enableyouto answer the calls during the work hours differently from the ones that come in after the closing time.

We are the provider of an industry-leading unified communications solution. Hence, we are the Best VoIP Service Provideras we combine different communication channels in one platform. If you need a top-grade VoIP, connect with our team, which comprises the top VoIP Service Provider India.

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