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Dot Net Web Development

Having a digital presence is essential in today’s cut-throat competition in every sector.



Having a digital presence is essential in today’s cut-throat competition in every sector, or else your business will miss out on tapping the prospective customer segment. However, there is a lot of technology that goes into creating the best websites and web applications. Here we will discuss ASP.NET usage in web solutions.

Before proceeding, let us throw some light on the ASP.NET framework. Take a look:


What is ASP.NET Development?

ASP.NET is built on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is meant for building XML Web Services and Web applications. The ASP.NET web pages execute on a web server in Internet Information Server or IIS, thereby generating markup such as HTML and XML which is further sent down to a desktop or a mobile browser. Your application can be run from anywhere regardless of the hardware as it does not require any installation on the client computer beyond a web browser.

How does it work?

ASP.NET pages use an event-driven and compiled programming model that maximizes performance. It also enables the separation of user interface and application logic. The development platforms like PHP are not compiled. It means that the simple syntax errors that would otherwise be caught by a compiler will slip into the production systems. Further, PHP does not separate the logic from the user interface of the application. It thus leads to a higher maintenance cost.

ASP.NET offers a unified Web development model. The latter includes the services that are necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications. Also, ASP.NET provides a new infrastructure and programming model that allows you to create a powerful new class of applications.

ASP.NET pages and ASP.NET XML Web services contain server-side programming logic and not client-side logic like JavaScript. The programming logic is written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET.


What are the benefits of ASP.NET?

In software design and development, one tool that is quite flexible and powerful is Microsoft’s ASP.NET. If you combine it with SQL Server while working back end, you will get a secure and scalable combination. The ASP.NET platform produces an adaptive and dynamic web application that can meet all your needs. For a robust web application for your business, ASP.NET is what you need.


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The first and foremost thing that you should do when designing or re-designing the website for your company is to hire a reliable company that can provide you the best development services. Also, it would help if you always looked for professionals who are rich in experience and have a credible name in the industry. With the best team of experts working, you will get the perfect web solutions for your business.

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