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E-commerce mobile app development

The transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce has increased the opportunities for businesses to expand their customer base and increase market penetration.


The transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce has increased the opportunities for businesses to expand their customer base and increase market penetration. The reason for this is simple, everyone carries a mobile these days, and people often shop on the go! In the context of online sales, the e-Commerce industry has recently witnessed the most significant and rapid growth in mobile solutions to meet the requirements of people who use apps for various reasons.


The growing demandfor Mobile Apps development solutions:

With mobile apps, consumers have the freedom to purchase goods and services anytime and from anywhere. This is true both for shopping products and availing services like travel bookings, availing medical treatment, etc. It is due to this reason that there is a rise in the mobile app solution providers. Businesses reach out to mobile app solutions providers to develop mobile applications that offer advanced speed, convenience, and adaptability.

Why choose Pear System?

We at Pear System provide excellent eCommerce Mobile App Development solutions to various businesses from various sectors. Merely having an attractive online storefront will not fetch you more customers. You need to supplement it with an interactive and lively mobile application that can maximize your customer base and help you maintain your brand image. Our expert developers have years of experience in developing robust mobile applications that help businesses get good ROI.

Benefits of mobile apps for businesses:

Let us quickly tell you all the advantages of having a mobile app for your business. Take a look:

  • To directly communicate with your customers: Mobile apps help businesses interact and engage directly with their customers. It provides the flexibility to access an ocean of information within seconds with just a touch of a button.
  • To form a customer database:Mobile Apps are a great source of customer databases. Businesses can gather invaluable information about consumer behavior using these Apps. Such data is excellent to study buyer preferences through their purchase history and buying patterns that eventually help in enhancing marketing strategies.
  • To enhance customer engagement: Customers need to be heard and have accessible communication. Mobile apps have live chat options where they can put forward their queries and get instant solutions. This creates a good brand image among the customers, and they feel heard by the company, which eventually increases customer satisfaction.
  • To increase brand awareness:A mobile app is a great way to create brand awareness among your customers. It can also be thought of as a new advertising platform for various businesses to highlight products or services to their customers. A mobile App for your business allows you the opportunity to reach out to potential new audiences from varied demographics.
  • To increase marketing and promotional activities:An interactive mobile app allows you to push online notifications and information to your customers instantly. For example, you can send information regarding exclusive deals and offers that you run regularly. This helps you have a loyal clientele who values not just your offerings but will think twice before switching to some other brand!
  • To create Loyalty Programs for customers:Businesses can create loyalty programs for their customers to encourage customer retention in the long run. A digitalized loyalty scheme via a mobile app is a powerful and effective method for building a community of customers. Suppose you are introducing a loyalty program to encourage sales and rewarding customers for their spending. They are much more likely to come back. A mobile app is the best channel to incorporate a loyalty program as it makes it a much easier and quicker process.
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition:An interactive, lively and innovative mobile app is everything you need to stay ahead in this competitive world. Mobile Apps with the latest and modern technology are quickly adopted by businesses to have a competitive advantage in the long run. Hence, apps must be user-friendly, innovative, and engaging to entice the users.

Features that we incorporate in a customized app:

Our expert team develops a mobile app that is responsive and customized as per your requirements. Following are the must-have features that we provide you in your mobile app:

  • Instant and hassle-free registration: We incorporate the easy and quick registration process feature so that the customer doesn’t have to wait till eternity to register on the mobile app. An app that takes too long to download or has a tedious registration process can annoy the customers to the extent that they might quit and move on. And no business wants that to happen! The easy registration process makes the app more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: Our developers create apps with secure and safe payment options that ensure the robust safety of your data. The payment involves one providing bank details and personal information. Hence it is essential to have a secure payment gateway that is impossible to hack by notorious elements like cybercriminals and hackers. Plus, if your app allows customers to make instant payments within a click, it will encourage them to come back and make more purchases.
  • Push-Notifications: Push-Notifications is important to remind your customers that you are always there! Such notifications are pretty helpful in alerting the customers about the limited-time offers, special deals, sales, etc. In a nutshell, push notifications help you improve the overall customer experience by engaging, involving, and maintaining effective communication with them.
  • Product page and Gallery: A lively and high-resolution product images are a must for an online business that deals in selling products. The product page and gallery contain all the information about the items based on which customers make their purchases. A buyer estimates the product from various angles and then adds the same to the shopping cart. Our Online Shopping App Development team creates apps that enable you to upload lots of high-resolution images of your products.
  • Delivery status tracking: We develop apps that have accurate and rapid tracking options incorporated in the mobile apps. It allows the customers to have the order’s shipping status within reach, thereby ensuring transparency in the process.
  • Social Media Integration: Your app will redirect your users into your Social Media pages as we integrate them in the app.

Other features that we integrate into a mobile app are as follows:

  • 1. Hassle-free navigation
  • 2. Simple check out process
  • 3. Easy order cancellation
  • 4. Reports and Analytics
  • 5. Multi-language support
  • 6. Inventory management (for the businesses)
  • 7. Easy product reviewing and much more.

Reach out to us and get a quote for Retail Application Development Services and mobile apps for various e-commerce businesses.

Our experts will create innovative and lively apps that will grow your business leaps and bounds. Please visit our website or call our numbers to speak with our experts for more details.


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