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Want to be enlightened about App Development Process?


Let us assume that you have an idea about making an application and want it to be public so that users can use it. They can download it from its app store on their mobile or computer. You are the only person who knows how it should look as in you can visualise it but certainly not know the process to make it.

Well, we help such people to make such dreams real. We need a visual and are experienced to work on creating it. A computer programme or a set of programmes needs to be created for the application development. These programmes run task differently as per the need of the business. There can custom made application or a regular made application. This is how we turn ideas and dreams into reality.

Benefits of App Development -
• Global Audience
• Accessibility
• Content Management System
• Open Source Software

Pre-Sales Meeting To Shake Hands

We have a set of programmers who first listen and understand the details of what the client is asking. This is the basic understanding meet where what the client wants to build is versioned by our team. This way we create an emotional understanding. We try to figure out the concept and idea of the project. The projects are many times related to the business of the client hence we also try to understand the business structure of the client. This meeting is one extensive meet where knowledge sharing takes place. This is because our team is enthusiastic in giving a return of a perfect model for the business of the client. For this, an understanding is a must.

We, at the same time, jot down the details which are kept private and are fully preserved in a confidential file.

Getting Approval

The flowchart is then explained to the client as to how the system shall work. This meeting is considered the most crucial one as our engineers will refer to the flowchart to create the application. We need the client's approval on the design created by us. Once the client is happy with our design, we make the process ahead.

Creating a Draft Strategy

Once we get a thumbs up from the client and the agreement is signed, we start our work. This begins with understanding the entire business and simultaneously creating a flow chart. Here the flow chart explains the start point and the endpoint of the creation of the application combined with the business model. This is the basic design and the most important part where every other thing is dependent on.

Starting the work

At our office, we use Design-Led-Engineering Process. We start with making the prototyping and drawing the application design and wireframe which helps us to understand the users and their needs. The up-front design of the application is made ready but the coding is yet to be done which is left for the development stage of the process.

Development Process

The development process begins with the completion of the design process. The development process is based on the flowchart system which was drafted. The project managers take over the system and create the application and bring it to live.

We share the application with you for personal use and understand what all lack in the system or what the client needs more to add.

This marks the start of Quality Testing

Our analyst test runs the applications several times and asks for a suggestion of improvement from the users. At this stage, if the user needs to add or delete any step can be done easily.

We assure the clients that till the time they need any edits, we do it. Once the client is content with the application made by us and thinks that his idea which he had at the beginning is coming to life, we take it to the final stage of launching the application.

Launching the Application

The application is then launched by us on several platforms as per the needs of the clients. This means that the users all over the world can now download the application can start using the same

    The application can be of two types:

• Paid Application-

Here the bank account of the client is linked to the software, where once the user downloads the application and pays money, the amount is directly transferred to our client's account.

• Free Application-

These applications are the ones which can be downloaded by the users for free and no money is to be charged on the same.

This is all good we do but What if your dream project is not progressing as you expected?

We are all humans and we do mistakes sometimes but our ratio is very less when we are talking about escalation, we do have 5-6% projects goes for escalation. We have a pretty flat organization structure with minimal hierarchy, however, there are cases where you may like to escalate some cases to the higher level of attention.

Our team member is committed to providing YOU, the client, with the best experience possible. We allow our client to discuss an issue to the Customer Account Manager or Delivery Head to solve the issue. If it still doesn’t solve, you can reach to our chief technical officer and founders.

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