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Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI, is a truly revolutionary technology. It has become one of the core components of modern software in recent times and is here to stay for a long time. It is deployed in all kinds of cyber operations and is indeed one of the era-defining technologies. AI refers to the computational tools that can substitute Human Intelligence in various tasks. It is an advancing technology that has a bright future ahead.

Uses of AI in various ways:

  • AI and Big Data: If we look deeper, databases have grown to become the core infrastructure that drives enterprise-level software. Consequently, most of the new software is expected to be driven, at least in part, by AI in the coming decades. If we talk about data, in the last few decades, databases have evolved significantly to handle the new phenomenon in the world of technology referred to as “big data.” Big Data refers to the large and modern data sets, primarily gathered from computer systems. 
  • AI for Cyber Security: With the ever-growing demand for electronic devices like mobiles, computers, servers, and smart devices, the threat of cyber-attacks is also growing each day. AI is applied to Cyber Defense in the sense that the log lines of the recorded activity from servers and network components are labelled as “hostile” or “non-hostile.” AI system are trained using the data set to classify the future observations into one of those two classes. The system then acts as an automated guard, singling out any unusual observation from the vast normal activity. This kind of automated cyber defense is essential to deal with the overwhelming level of activities that must be monitored. 
  • AI to automate tasks: One of the vital purposes of AI is to automate the tasks that previously required human intervention. AI cuts down the labor resources that an organization has to employ to complete a project. It results in tremendous gains in efficiency. For example, chatbots are used to answer customer service questions. Also, in the medical field, AI can assist in diagnosing diseases based on patients’ symptoms. 

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps:

Artificial intelligence is widely used in mobile app development. Its usage in the mobile app is a technological innovation that has emerged in recent times. It is one of the major reasons why mobile application development agencies are upgrading their skillsets and apps. They are equipping the apps with AI developers and AI-enabled apps.

AI in mobiles is used to analyze the user behavior to provide insight into the user. AI can tell mobile apps what the users are looking for, i.e., their preferences. It helps the mobile developers use this information to make positive changes in the app for better user engagement.

Other features of AI in Mobile Apps are as follows:

  • Speech Recognition Technology
  • Chatbots
  • Biometrics
  • Changing the Language
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Recognition
  • Text Recognition, etc. and much more.

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