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Can a Mobile App become a useful marketing tools for Real Estate Agents

As per the growing mobile usage, the maximum number of searches happen from mobile devices. Gen Y and millennials prefer using their smartphones instead of computers to search for a new home online. Hence, realtors are jumping onto mobile marketing strategies to help realtors stay ahead in the real estate market. Nowadays, the real estate sector is one of the most technologically advanced.

Mobile apps have helped real estate developers to aid their business and can be used for the following:

• Marketing,

• Selling,

• Managing,

• Tracking the existing and potential clients efficiently.

• Increase the brand awareness

• Maintain a high level of ROI

• Prove to be cost-effective

• Have a steady KPIs

• For better targeting through market research.

Realtors use new technologies such as:

• QR Codes,

• Blockchain,

• Beacons,

• NFC, and

• Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Mobile apps are beneficial for:

1. For lead generation: Generating leads is vital for the real estate industry. Smartphones and the technologies such as QR Codes and NFC tags have made it easy to generate new leads.

Some other proximity marketing tools such as Beacons and Geofences are also helpful in this.

For example, you can place QR Codes on the sidewalks, empty property spaces, or even on the company websites. Another way of using QR Codes is by attaching them to a form where potential customers can leave behind their information. Or they can give you a missed call to show interest. It is suggested you use dynamic QR Codes to fine-tune existing campaigns.

By using dynamic QR Codes in apps, realtors can:

• Jot down an exhaustive list of the prospective customers,

• Track and analyze the number of QR Code scanned to fine-tune the campaigns

• QR Codes can lead to more detailed home listings.

• QR Codes are used for surveys about customer experience.

2. To provide information about the property to the customers: Real estate agents cannot be present at every property to provide information to their customers. Hence, QR Codes can be scanned to direct the potential buyers to a YouTube video highlighting the benefits of living in a given property. You can also create flyers, brochures, sidewalks, yard signs, OOH ads, etc., and place QR Codes on them. Upon scanning, the code redirects the interested buyers to a website having complete property information.

Similarly, use Geofences that have a great potential to alert the real estate agents about the potential buyers' whereabouts and target them accordingly. You can set a geofenced boundary across the most sought-after property. Whenever a buyer steps in the perimeter, send them alerts via SMS or in-app notifications. These technologies decrease downtime and also allow easy communication channels, thereby increasing the ROI.

3. For branding on Social Media: You can include the QR Codes or NFC tags on OOH ads along with property advertisements on sidewalks, billboards, and yard signs to redirect customers to social media channels. For real estate developers who have their own app, Beacons and Geofences can also send in-app notifications and social media retargeting.

There is a multitude of mobile technologies available in the market that can be customized for realtors. They can help real estate businesses create a massive opportunity to market their services anywhere in the world. Companies providing Mobile App Development Services offer tailor-made services for various clients.

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Smartphones are not disappearing anytime soon! Instead, their usage is going to increase. Realtors should therefore take maximum advantage of mobile app technology for the growth of their business.