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Future of Hybrid App Development-React Native App Development Services

Growing technology has made lives easier for us as everything is at our fingertips in the form of mobile apps. However, the vast world of mobile apps has made it difficult for app developers to stay abreast. It is because an app creator often finds himself torn between the two platforms i.e. iOS and Android App Development. These apps though have been popular & offer multiple benefits but can only have a limited audience. Consequently, React Native has turned out to be a popular choice in recent times.

Here we will explore everything about React Native applications. Take a look:

What is React Native App?

It is powered by Facebook and is an open-source mobile app development framework that was created as a follow-up to their already existing and extremely popular React web framework.

React Native app is used for cross-platform apps which means that the apps developed using this technology are compatible with both Android and iOS systems. It truly bridges the gap between native & hybrid applications.

What are the Features of a React Native App?

Some amazing features of React Native App are as follows:

1.User Experience: React Native app is compatible with multiple Operating Systems. It is built with native APIs independently & directly. It also offers:

• High performance,

• Smooth navigation,

• Quick load time, &

• Aesthetic appeal

2. Code Reusability: React Native uses JavaScript for both iOS and Android and thus developers need not develop separate codes for both platforms. Hence, this code reusability enhances the speed of the development process thereby reducing the cost.

3. Has Secured Plugins: React Native is backed up with a huge library of secure extensions that you can deploy to make a customized application for your users.

4. Time- and Cost-Effective: With React Native App, instead of developing two separate codes, you can use one for multiple platforms. This helps you save both time & money.

5. Hot & Live Reloading: React Native supports both Live and Hot reloading.

• Live reloading automatically reloads the entire application once a change is made.

• Hot reloading only reloads the specific area of change. This feature eases the development & testing process by allowing developers to track changes in real-time.

6. Community Support: As React Native technology is used by the biggest brands like Facebook, Instagram, etc. thus, there is no dearth of relevant information about developing a React Native powered application. There are so many libraries available and also community support which is the aid available for the developers. Thus, companies offering this technology often provide after-sales Mobile App Development Services as well to ensure that their customers are happy!

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