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Long-term Projects with Dynamic Requirements

For long-term projects, particularly those that are dynamic and have ever-changing requirements, it is always good to have a Time and material-based model.

Unclear Project Scope

If your business goals are vague, productivity goes for a toss! Undefined projects that lack workflow, vision and the desired outcome can be supported with Time and Material-based hiring model.

Clients Needs More Flexibility

For a client-centric approach, this model is the best and preferred alternative. Here client will get enough liberty and flexibility to modify the scope of the project and vary workloads.

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Turnkey Project Model

Let us tell you everything about Turnkey Project Model, which is also popularly known as a fixed-cost hiring model. The prominent feature of a Turnkey model is that it…

Dedicated Developer Model

The dedicated developer model is an engagement model that enables businesses to hire professionals full-time or part-time.
Companies seeking professional IT Teams to build a website, mobile app,…

Time and Material Basis Model

A time and material-based hiring model will be your best bet if you have diversified and flexible demands to develop your project. Usually, businesses with long-term projects and having dynamic…

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